Sunday, June 21, 2009

Let the training begin!

My Duathlon ( I am not sure why I keep capitalizing the word duathlon!) training has officially started!
My friend and I planned to meet this morning to do a brick workout. I have brushed up on my terminology and it means that we were to run, bike and run today-in that order!
Since I have not been on a bike in YEARS I decided to go out and do a few miles on my own before meeting with her so I did not make a complete fool of myself! I am happy to say that I did not fall. Whew. My borrowed bike is the best. It is fully loaded with gear and gadgets galore. It's a shame I have no idea how to use them! I will figure it out I hope. I don't even know when to shift gears, what gear to put the bike in or how to really use the sweet looking aero-bars. Hmmmm. Oh well! That's how I roll I guess.

So anyway. I rode about 2 miles or so by myself and then met up with my friend a few hours later to begin our brick. We did 2 easy miles at about a 9 minute pace and then hopped on our bikes and rode 7 miles. I think I did pretty well. My only mishap was dropping my water bottle because I was afraid to look down to put it back in its holster! I have clip in shoes and an still not used to that.
After the 7 mile bike we did our last run. It felt so weird getting off the bike and immediately running again. My legs felt like Jello! We ran for 7 minutes and called it a day. It was a huge wake up call! So far my goal for this Duathlon is to just have fun and finish it! Oh who am I kidding..I want to do well too.

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Heather said...

Awesome Mission!!!!! That's what I'd pick too since I am not a good swimmer & the local tri is held at what's commonly known as "goose poop lake." lol That's enough to not want to do it!