Monday, June 8, 2009

Lightning Strikes

Sunday~ Turbo Kick! I won't even elaborate. I was able to get a bit or weight training in, but not as much as I had planned. I planned on running as well, but that did not happen either.
Monday~I planned on getting up at 5:45am to go for a 6-8 mile run. I was up earlier than that though. My human alarm clock is teething and wanted some snuggles. I was still able to get out the door by 6:20am. I should add that it was raining slightly. I was determined. I have run in the rain plenty of times right?!?! Well, I should have stayed home to snuggle with my sleeping son. My GPS never turned on and I decided today to run a new route! I then changed my plan of action to run 30-35 minutes out and back. At about 24 minutes into the run I noticed that my GPS had finally started to work!! It was at this time too, that the lightning started! Great. So I decided to run for 1 more minute, reset the GPS and high tail it back home. Good thing my GPS stopped when I reset it. I think I was running at least an 8 minute mile back home. I think I counted 4-5 more lightning strikes as well. It kind of freaked me out ( not to mention my GPS and MP3 player was not the best thing to be using), but it was also kind of cool. And it made me run faster so I burned more fat--right?!?! As it happens by the time I made it home the lightning had stopped and the rain was back to a steady mist and not a downpour( oh, and I made it back in around 21 minutes--negative splits!). I was feeling pretty good so I decided to run half a mile out and back to my house ( a route I already knew the mileage of). Despite the weather and near death experience; I felt awesome! I was totally soaked to the bone too. I figured out that I ran about 6.6 miles in just under 60 minutes. I really need to get the miles in before my 10k on the 27th! I taught a Spinning class as well. It was a half strength class and half endurance and all HARD. I am not sure if it had anything to do with the fact that I did not have enough of a break after running or not, but it was tough. Loved it!
I later went to the gym to finish up my weight training from Sunday. My legs are pretty much shot!

Running in Thunderstorms
Never underestimate the power of a thunderstorm. It can roll in fast and unanticipated, especially in summer months, and as a runner you may find yourself far from shelter when you need it most. The overall annual risk of being struck by lightning may be higher than you think at one in 280,000, but that doesn't tell the whole story. This simple, maybe misleading, statistic is derived from the total number of lightning strikes divided by the total population including lots of people who by virtue of their lifestyles face a close to zero chance of ever getting struck. That, of course, elevates the risk considerably for those of us who do things outdoors.
Don't worry about all those flash to bang formulas for calculating how much time you have to fool around before lightning is striking around your toes. According to the National Lightning Safety Institute, if you can see it, flee it (take shelter immediately); if you can hear it, clear it (stop what you're doing and find a safe place to wait). If there's lightning and you are caught with nowhere to go, crouch in a low place with your feet on the ground and your hands over your ears to minimize the truly ear-splitting quality of lightning up close and personal. Don't sit or lie down; minimize your contact with the ground while trying to be as low as possible. Don't huddle; keep at least 15 feet between you and the next person.
It may be true that you have to be pretty unlucky to get struck by lightning, but common sense has an awful lot to do with it. Get more information from the National Lightning Safety Institute at
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Heather said...

OH!!!! Lightning is scary & that's the only time our running team would cancel! I've run in monsoon downpours too & oddly enough it wasnt that awful...though I had to strip down in the garage! lol

Nice job girl!