Monday, June 22, 2009

Mission Monday

I will reserve Monday's for Mission specific blogging ( unless I don't want to!)

Yesterday left me wanting to get on my bike again! But I had to just settle for the spin bike instead. It was an awesome class today. It went over very well. It was an interval type class that had a bit of everything included. Hill, jumps ( which I don't like), runs and a 6 minute endurance section that made the class moan and groan. It also made me moan and groan--lactic acid build-up anyone?!!?!?
I will consider my spin classes training for my duathlon ( Mission) for now on. Yes, there is no wind in my face ( I can start facing the industrial fan to blow directly on me though) and I don't have to fight the elements, but I think that one of the main reasons I did so well on the outdoor bike yesterday is because of my Spin sessions. Good thing too; the race is 26 days away!!!

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