Monday, June 15, 2009

Race Day!

Amara had her 1 Mile Fun Run on Friday evening. She did GREAT!! Most importantly she had so much fun. She ran her mile in 12:28--give or take a few seconds. She ran most of it and when she did stop it was for a maximum of 15 seconds. She was on FIRE! That's my girl! We used a lot of imagination during the run. At the end I even strapped on a jet pack to help her have a super fast finish. Hey, she's 5! Whatever works..... Her next run is on the 27. I don't think it will be a whole mile though.

Moving on to Saturday. Let me start by saying I am not making excuses ( that is never a good way to start a sentence!). I am very allergic to my in-law's home. They have a cat, blah, blah blah and it makes it so I have trouble breathing. I took Allergra thinking I would be fine, but I was way wrong. About 3 hours after Amara's race and sitting in the house I could feel my throat and lungs not feeling so well. Fast forward to 2am..I am still awake tyring not to cough. I was up at about 6am and felt exhausted and horrible! Anyway, we get to the race venue and do a tiny warm up jog ( to the Port-A Potties), and I could barely breathe. Yuck! Long story short. I ran the race and felt I held Matt back. He did get a PR--32:17, but he was worried about me and did not push as hard. Who would have thought?!?! Not me......but that's just the kind of guy he is. The race was nice. A few hills and some off road stuff as well. I would love to try this race again next year; or perhaps the 1/2 marathon option. It was well run and we got sweet wicking t-shirts too!

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