Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crazy for cardio...or just plain crazy!?!??!

Tuesday was non-stop for me. The day started with Turbo Kick. After that I did my weight training session. After that I went home and practiced my kickboxing skills for my class. A few hours later I taught my own kickboxing class. And finally, I went to running club to do a track session! We did a 2 mile warm-up followed by (8) 200 meters sprints to be done in 45 seconds; followed by a 2 mile cool-down. WHEW! What an overload of cardio I had. I am pretty sure I could be done for the rest of the week if I wanted to be. But I don't. I am a cardio-holic and I proudly admit it! I would never prescribe this much for a client, just for myself every so often!
Wednesday~ I dusted off the old jogging stroller and took Miles for a spin. We made it about 2 miles of walking and running and then picked Amara up from gymnastics. She ran/walked the 1.5 miles home! She did so well, I am so proud of her! Her mile fun run is coming up on Friday!

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