Friday, May 1, 2009

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday....

Wednesday~Today almost turned out to be a day off! I had a few obstacles that did not allow me to get to the gym today. I actually practiced Turbo Kick after the kids went to sleep. I did not go all out, but I did get some activity in for the day!
Thursday~ I made it to the gym with both kids in tow this morning. I did an easy 30 minutes on the elliptical and read a magazine. I also did a quick circuit ( 3x10) that consisted of push ups, lateral raises, alternating lunges, biceps curls and shoulder presses. Short, sweet but effective.
I had run club later on. Tonight after the 2 mile warm up we were told to run 1 mile as fast as we could. There were 2 heats: Heat 1 was for those that thought they could do the 1 mile in under 7 minutes and Heat 2 was for those under 7 minutes. I ran in heat 1, but was really not sure why! I stayed with a girl that planned on pacing us. Good thing..I still don't know how to pace myself all that well. We ran the mile on a track making the mile 4 laps around.
When it was all said and done I ran my mile in about 6:17!! Woohoo! I felt like crap at the end of my KICK, but I guess that is a good indicator that I did my best. We finished with a 2 mile cool down. Afterwards Mary and I talked to the coach and he gave us some very helpful hints on how to approach the race in terms of running at our goal pace. I hope I can do it!! 8 more days! EEEK!
Friday~ I made it to the gym again this morning. I went in not really knowing what I was going to do. I remembered reading a workout in Men's Health that I wanted to try. It was a jump rope pyramid. After my 5 minute elliptical warm up I got started! 25 jumps followed by a 30 second rest. 50 jumps, rest.....75 jumps etc. going up to 200 jumps and then you go back down. 175 jumps-rest. 150 jumps-rest etc. back down to 25. It was different for me and the article promised this would torch tons of calories and whittle my middle!
After that I hopped don the step-mill for some more intervals for 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes of increasing speed. I ended with a treadmill incline walk for 10 minutes.

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