Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great workout, insane instructor and on the wagon once again....

I had an awesome workout today! I love it when it all just seems so right!
The kids and I made it to the gym in the late afternoon. I started with weight training. 3 sets of 6 reps for most of the exercises. The weight room was practically empty so I did not have to weight for anything. It took me about 45 minutes to get it all done today. Not too bad. After that I went to the Turbo Kick class. Because it's the holiday weekend there was less than 20 people in class. The room is usually at capacity ( 50 something). As an instructor I love a packed class, but as a participant 20 is better than 50 any day. I was n the front row today too. I ain't scared! It was such a great class. I think I need to have this instructor as my mentor! She is an insane ball of energy. Very motivating. I was a punching fool today. We threw a lot of elbows too and my upper back is already sore! She is so good. Her cuing is excellent. I am still a Turbo Kick newbie. I have not even attempted to teach a full fledged TK class yet. I am kind of scared! I hope to make it to her class at least once more this week if not 2. She keeps the same routine all week long so I will seem like an expert by weeks end! ( hopefully).
Well I better post this entry so I can start back on my wagon tomorrow. There are menus to be planned and food to prep!! Let's do this!

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Mandy said...

Great job Marcia! I gotta get back on it after a weekend of activities this weekend too ;) You're gonna be fab at TK! Wish we could take a class together!