Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today I woke up almost pain free! Finally! It was a long night for me. My neighbor went into labor around 1am and I was on duty to stay at her house with her 2 other children. It was my pleasure! Congrats to Chrissy and Jake. I can't wait to meet Addison!

I willed myself to get to the gym even though I was sleep walking. I made it in time for Turbo Kick and I even stood in the 2nd row instead of the very back. It was a very intense and fun class today as usual. I then headed to the Big Boy weight room and did my thing. At 10:30am there was only 1 other person using the weight room. Good! More room for me. I was in and out of there in a flash. I did about 8 different exercises with only 2 sets of 10. Short and sweet.

I taught Calorie Killer at 4:15pm today. I did a series of kicking and punching drills followed by a segment of weights. I think it went over pretty well. I hope so anyway.

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