Friday, May 22, 2009


I had a set plan this morning to get the kids ready and be at the gym by 9am sharp! This is not usually a problem as both kids are up by 7:30am--USUALLY. Today Amara woke up at her usual time, but was very grumpy and told he right away that she wanted to go back to sleep because she was still tired. I was ready to throw in the workout towel and call the gym daycare and cancel our spots. Amara decided ( 5 minutes later) that she could not fall back to sleep ( yay!). I got her ready and noticed it was already after 8am and Miles had not made a peep. I don't mess around with my children's sleep. It's very rare that I wake them up even if it means missing out on an event. I might be anal about that, but I know they need their rest. I was fine with getting to the gym later, but it would just be busier. Miles decides to stir around 9:15am and in a hurry we were only about 5 minutes late ( and I filled up the car with gas on the way) .
So on to the workout. I got my 3rd session on weight training in today. I am on a roll with lifiting again! It was only 1 set of 12 reps for most of the exercises. That was fine with me. I was able to go heavy and only had to do it for one set. It was super fast!
I planned on running a few miles on the treadmill since it's been a while. I was not feeling that, so I did some 1/4 mile "sprints" instead for almost 3.5 miles. It was kind of fun actually. My sprints were from 7.5-8.3 mph and the rest was a walk and I did that just until I was fully recovered. I then moved to the step machine ( which I hate), but endured it for 15 whole minutes of increasing speed every minute. Ugh. I was glad when that was over! I should probably do it more often just to change up my cardio routine. That's all folks.

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