Monday, May 18, 2009

If found....... please return to ME!

I thought I might pass out today in Spin class. Well that might be a bit over dramatic, but still. I lost my water bottle( My fancy Sigg one. It lasted a year which is good for me!) and forgot my wallet so I was out of luck in class today. It's a good thing the big industrial fan was not in the studio too. It was soooo HOT. Today's class was full of some hard hills. A few sprints. With some fast paced drills as well. What was I thinking?!!? This was the longest 40 minute class in the history of Spin I bet. I was thrilled when it was finally over! I mean I love a good workout and a good sweat, but I was very dehydrated.

Most of the class enjoyed the ride today. I had a few yelps and claps at the end. At least somebody had a good time! Lesson learned: BRING WATER!!

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