Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Recap and Next Mission.....

I had a pretty tame day at the gym this morning. I thought today might be my day off, but my husband was nice enough to go to work rather late so I could get to the gym before teaching my noon class. Thanks man!
It was all cardio today. 20 minutes on the elliptical and step-mill. I did intervals on both machines.
I taught Totally Toned at noon and that was about it today!
I am trying to figure out what my next Mission will be. I hate the transition! I am happy for taking it easy this week and am ok with not having a goal/plans either; but I know myself and this will get really old really fast! I need structure to stay on top of my game.
I do have a 10k in June, but I don't think of that as a Mission. I already have my base training down and can be ready to do a 10k by then for sure. But it's after that that I will be a fish out of water unless I make some decisions here pretty quickly. I have 3 things in mind and number 3 almost did not make the list, but who has a Top 2 List of anything?!?!
1. Figure Show in Oct.
2. Duathlons throughout this summer and fall
3. Marathon in Oct.

Pros and Cons
1. The cost, but it is local so that's a plus.
2. I don't have a bike! And a new/used bike is expensive.
3. I don't feel like training for one! I don't like to run ( very long distances) all year long. But friends are doing it and I like the group thing.

So there ya have it folks...........I have lots to figure out in the coming weeks!

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