Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Skullcandy Ink'd Earphones Review ONLY

My headphones went dead about a week ago. I know that many of you workout to music and can understand the devastation I felt while I was halfway into my cardio session and my music just stopped. I was so annoyed! I had been working out with these headphones and the left ear was broken. So it was bound to happen at any minute anyway.

I finally remembered to look at some earphones while I was at Target and I came across a pair that were on sale ( bonus). Skullcandy Ink'd earphones. They retail at $19.99 and were on sale for $14.99 if I remember correctly. I found a pair that matched closets to my MP3 player.

I used them the next day at the gym and am happy to say that I love them. As soon as the music came through I knew I had made a wise purchase. The ear buds are soft and flexible and don't go that far down in the ear, but still stay secure. The music came out so clearly and with such great sound quality too. And I feel a bit bad ass with my skulls on my ears too! I have heard mixed reviews on skullcandy, but I can say that my headphones are in the top 3 of any that I have ever owned and I have owned a lot! To find out about these headphones or any other products skullcandy has to offer: skullcandy

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