Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Wrap up

Sometimes you have to go with the flow with scheduled workouts. I have small children so they really dictate most of what I can and cannot do. My workout on Friday was shoulders and abs and quick cardio intervals. I completed it all in less than 45 minutes. I was just happy to have made it to the gym. I needed it. Kids were crabby from being couped up and the baby did not feel like napping at his regular time- just a typical day in my home.
Today was my long run day. It was under 10 degrees outside again. It was snowing, icy and windy. Not the best conditions for running at all. My running buddy was unable to join in the fun so I had to make new friends. I guess that's what joining a club is all about anyway, making friends and being social. I had a great time getting to know a fellow gym instructor better and the talking always makes the run hurt a little less. We ran 9.2 miles with 10:38 splits which was faster than I would have thought we were going considering the awesome weather we had.
Today was my day off. It was not by choice, but that's OK, I probably needed the rest anyway. I had planned on going to the gym and lifting and also taking a cardio kickboxing class. I don't have much time to be a participant in many classes so this was my opportunity. Perhaps next week my son will be on the same page with me. I might have to double up on my lifts tomorrow to make up for today. We'll see though...........

You might get better results from your workout if you drink cows milk. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that drinking 2 cups of skim milk after intense weight-lifting workouts built more muscle and burned twice as much fat as drinking carbohydrate beverages ( such as a sports drink). Soy products made no effect so stick to cow's milk.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I can't believe you run outside. I would be afraid of slipping and killing myself. Always glad to hear about you staying fit!