Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Busy Tuesday

Today was a bit busier than yesterday. Tuesdays are the days that I triple up on my group exercise classes. I use today as my crosstraining days-so there was no running today. I woke up really, really sore again! My legs are mad at me. So is my back, oh and my triceps too.
I started the day with a spin class at 11:30am. I included some quick intervals along with some heavy, but short hill climbs. It was a super sweaty class!
My next was Calorie Killer at 4:15. I taught cardio moves for the first portion and ended with some light resistance band work along with a few upper body exercises with light weight and loads of reps. I saved core and back for the end of class.
My last class and funniest class was at 6pm. I teach a group of women inside one of the member's homes. They have me laughing from the start of class until the very end. The ages range from 28 to 60! If the 28 year old was not there, my youngest participant would be in her 50's! They are really an awesome group to instruct. They love to work hard and it shows.
This entry is a short one as I have to get up bright and early for Power Pilates.

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