Friday, January 2, 2009


I guess the purpose of this blog is to chronicle my many athletic missions. I have another blog
( ), but I found myself straying from what that one is all about, so I decided to make a new one!
I am a wife of almost 6 years and a mom of 2 very active toddlers. I started really exercising for fun in college because my roommate was really into it. It soon became a true passion of mine.
I majored in Physical Education in college and since then have made fitness and wellness a part of my life.
I have completed many races including 5k's, 10k's, 25k's and one full marathon.
I have also competed in a figure contest ( best way I describe it is an understated body building contest with makeup, tiny bikini and glitter). I hope to add to that list someday soon- a duathlon and triathlon and cycling races.
The other purpose of this blog is to offer some fun stuff for any followers!

My hopes are to review and giveaway anything remotely related to fitness/wellness/sports items--clothes, gadgets, foods etc.
I am very excited about this opportunity!
Stay tuned.....

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