Monday, January 5, 2009


Today has been a busy day. I'm back to work. This is when it gets tricky. I am a group exercise instructor and teach 8 classes a week right now. I teach those classes, but still feel I have to have my own time to workout. It's kind of annoying, but I need to do my own thing as well.
I was up at 4am ish eating my breakfast and drinking my coffee. I probably made it to the gym by 5:10am.
Today I did a lower body workout that consisted of walking side lunges, lunges, squats, calves and cable donkey kicks. It was a heavy weight day and my legs are already feeling the pain ( I love it). After the weights I ran 3 miles on the treadmill. I tired to run it faster then my long run, but not too fast. I ran between 5.9 and 6.5 mph and I varied the incline to make it seem more like I was running outdoors.
I taught Totally Toned at noon. So I did more squats, more lunges, some wall sits, upper body work and core work.
I taught Calorie Killer at 5:15pm. I basically did the same thing I did at 12 noon plus cardio. I did it interval style.
I'm thinking I should be a waif with all the activity I do! Oh yeah, I like to eat! And I don't want to look like a waif--I like muscles!
On to the fun stuff!
I have a few confirmed reviews and giveaways that should be being shipped to me right now. I won't divulge what it is until it's in my hot little hands! If anyone has any fitness equipment, foods, clothes etc. that you were wanting to know about..tell me and I will see what I can do!

Thanks to my husband Matt for "fixing" my page!!!
Those are some of my accomplished missions from years past.......


Country Diva said...

You are amazing chica!! It was great chatting with you today!!

Heather said...

You are amazing with all the classes, training & running. Nuts actually! hehehe