Monday, January 26, 2009

Inspector Gadget

I was thinking the other day about all the gear I have for running. I have so much stuff strapped to me during a run.
I have my MP3 player strapped on my left arm with headphones. My heart rate monitor around my body and watch on my let wrist. My Timex GPS watch on my right wrist and arm and my CamelBak hydration system around my waist ( think fanny pack style!) If I were to wear all these gizmo's on a run by myself I would probably get beat up! But in the company of other runners I appear totally normal! They all have the same things on plus more! I wonder if I would be faster if I lost some of the gear......
I need to invent one contraption that does it all!! Someday soon I bet such a thing will be available and I will want it for sure.

Another new interesting product....
Introducing BODiBEAT, the first portable fitness device/MP3 player with built-in heart rate monitor that naturally synchronizes your music to the movement of your workout.
Imagine having just one all-in-one workout device,automatically sensing and synchronizing the rhythm of your music to the movement of your workout.

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