Thursday, January 22, 2009

This weeks workouts......

Monday~ I was back in the swing of things. I woke up early and made it to the gym and made it a full body weight training instead of my usual lower body Monday. I had to make up my Sunday session that I skipped out on. I was done fairly quick, but still would not have time to run my planned 4 miles. I went home, ate breakfast and got the kids ready and we went back to the gym so I could knock out 4 miles. I taught Totally Toned at 12 noon and Calorie Killer at 5:15pm. A pretty active day for me.

Tuesday~ I taught Spinning at 11:30am. There was only 2 people in class today. My guess is that they were watching the Inauguration. I only saw the last 8 minutes of it! But those 8 minutes were truly awesome. The YMCA ( where I teach) had a big flat screen TV and there were at least 75 people crowded around watching history being made. I taught Calorie Killer at 4:15pm and then another cardio class at 6pm.

Wednesday~ So I was super sore from my previous days workouts. I normally enjoy being sore, but not so much today. My lower back and obliques and inner thighs are on fire ( in a bad way!) This morning was Pilates Plus. I taught Totally Toned at 12 noon and again at 6pm.
Thursday~ The plan for today is yoga at home when Miles is napping. Speed session at 6:30pm
Friday~ OFF!!
Saturday~ Long run of 10 miles.

Symptoms of Overtraining:
chronic fatigue
suppressed athletic performance
disturbed mood states
increased susceptibility to upper respiratory tract infections
changes in resting heart rate
disturbances in sleep patterns
Tips to Avoid Overtraining:
Monitor your pulse.
For 7 days, take your resting pulse for 60 seconds before getting out of bed.
Once you establish an average resting pulse, whenever your resting pulse is more than 5% above your average resting pulse, run for 1/2 your usual mileage.
When your resting pulse is greater than 10% of your average resting pulse, don't run that day.
Keep steady mileage.
Increase mileage gradually.
Your progress in mileage and speed should occur gradually.
Don't let your weekly mileage increase by more than 10%.
After 3 weeks of mileages increase, drop mileage by 50% for one week.
After a hard run, take a day off. You will feel refreshed when you run again and your body will thank you.

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