Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Sunday~ OFF

Monday~ Easy 4 miles on the treadmill and lower body training. Today I taught 2 classes, but i was just not feeling it, so I taught them circuit training style ( me and my stop watch). Most of the people enjoy the change. Not all, but most! Can't please them all, I have come to learn!

Tuesday~ Today I taught Spinning. It was a really good one if I do say so myself! I later taught 2 more cardio style classes.

Wednesday~ My abs are so sore from Tuesdays workouts. A little history of my dang abs. After having Amara my abs split in two. No kidding. It's called a diastasis. It sucks. Fast forward to Miles ( I can't believe I have not mentioned that he weighed 10lbs 10oz. during his NON-C section birth......) I try to fit that in anytime I can. So, my diastasis is worse. I am not "supposed" to do oblique work and direct ab work in general until it heals. But that is nearly impossible to avoid given what I do for work. I skip out on abs as much as I can, but sometimes I just go for it, and then I am sore for at least 2-3 days.
Wednesday workouts consisted of a 5:30am Pilates Plus class. I went back to the gym for an 8:45am Spin class ( way to go Mary!) and then I taught a strength class at 12 noon.
I went back to the gym at 5:30pm for my beloved Zumba class! I had not been in at least 6 weeks or more. It is so popular that I have to sign up in advance and then wear a wristband to get in. As annoying as all that seems, it was totally worth it.

Pilates benefits for runner's~
Increasing core strength and correcting postural imbalances
Increasing balance in the muscles of the back and hips
Reduce the risk of injury
Assist with breath control

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