Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mission #1

Well I should probably make my first mission public knowledge so I don't back out of it!
My first mission is to complete my local 25k ( some 15 odd miles) this May. I have done this particular race 3 times now and this year my goal is to run it under 2 hours. That means I would have to run something like 7:30 minute miles for the duration. This goal scares me and excites me at the same time. My best effort for this race has been 2:04. If you are a runner you understand that cutting 5 minutes off is not that easy. I have my work cut out for me between now and May, that's for sure. I will be doing some 5ks and a 10 mile race along the way to help me prepare and also next week I will be joining a running group to help me meet my goal.
I think I can do it as long as I stay healthy and injury free.

Today was my long run of 7 miles. I completed it in about 1 hour and 20 minutes give or take. My goal was to run between 10 and 11 minute miles and my Timex GPS says my avg. was 11:15 min miles. I think I did it a bit quicker ( not much), but I had to stop quite a lot to avoid ice patches and cars.
It was about 19 degrees when I started and in the low 20's when I was done. My hands went numb at about 2 miles in ( as did my MP3 player- no music for 5 miles). I think my hands go numb because of how low my body fat is--in my fingers! I have always had cold hands. Even when I exercise indoors in the air conditioner. I am a sweaty mess and my hands are freezing-- kind of strange.
It was a great run even though it was by myself and music free. It was nice to the other dedicated ( or crazy) runners out this morning as well. I actually came home and stretched for more than 5 seconds too. That has always been hard for me to do on my own. It's crazy to think that I used to teach yoga!
I plan on taking a Yoga for Runners starting soon so that should help a lot. I should add that I am a group exercise instructor and teach about 8 classes a week right now. So my big thing is trying to find the balance between teaching classes effectively and training for races and not taking too much time away from my family.
It's not always easy, but I can do it.

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