Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Long Run

Today was a good day. I was able to put in 10.2 ( yes, the .2 makes a difference..) miles. Mary and I stayed with the pack today as well....whew! I am sure if we didn't we would have ended up lost or worse- we would run too many or ( gasp) not enough miles!!
We hit 3 pretty good hills today too. One was a few minutes long all the way up, busy traffic and everything. We finished the 10.2 miles in about 1:40 minutes or so. The weather was nice and mild this morning- it was above freezing and the wind was minimal. My hands weren't as bad as they normally are either. Don't get me wrong, they were quite cold, but by mile 6 or 7 the weather must have warmed up and they relaxed and stopped hurting from being so cold.
Today was also the day that Mary and I stopped for coffee after running. I decided that once we hit 10 miles then we can enjoy a post run coffee drink! It was nice to sit in the coffee shop and gossip ( some more) over hot coffee for a little while. I figured it was a good post workout meal! After all, we burned a minimum of 500 calories it would be alright to drink a 400+ calorie drink--right!?!?!
Mary and I got in trouble this week for not conversing with the other members of the running club. We did not do it on purpose, we just like to talk to each other! But one of the members called us out on it. I guess it's time to make an effort to get to know the other members already!
* Mary and I after running the 25k in 2008.

There are a lot of positive aspects of club membership, and here are just a few:
- Meeting other runners with like-minded interests and developing new friendships.
- Having a built-in network of training groups and running partners.
- Recognizing familiar club-mates at races to try to catch, fend off, or pace with. (Friendly trash-talking is more fun among club-mates too).
- Having a built-in network of teammates for team competitions and relays of all kinds.
- The opportunity to buy cool club attire to race and train in.
- Many local running stores provide discounts to running club members.
- Getting a unique club newsletter with exclusive race reports, previews, and other information aimed at a very specific demographic: you.
- Most clubs have good websites (see below), with more information tailored to a local audience, often with club members' race results and a message board where members can organize training runs and other activities

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