Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday spin..I forgot something important today.

Wednesday- Spin day today. But first I was able to get to the gym by 9 AM. I normally leave my house at 9:15 I hopped on the elliptical for a bit to get some intervals in while leaving my heart rate under 160 for the duration. I must have been in la la land when I left my house today. I cleaned out my bag-- that just means I took out a few CD's and 2 notebook since I did not need them at 10 am spin. Or did I? Yep, My spin profile and music were at home. Not in my bag. Ooooops! It was 9 :40 when I noticed so I panicked. Long ( not really) story short; I was able to borrow a fellow spin instructor's iPod--luckily we pretty much have the same taste in music so it worked! The spare CD's in the spin room are 70's rock and the Glee soundtrack--umm, not so much thanks! I learned my lesson!
Today's ride was an endurance went over well I think/hope!

**On a personal note-kind of a pity party rant thing--or however you want to look at it.
The Grand Rapids Marathon and half are this weekend! I won't be running, but plan to spectate and snap some pics of my teammates. The day after the race is the first day to sign up for The Boston Marathon. I won't be doing this race either ( boo sniff--no really. It SUCKS!). I am tired of people asking me why I am not running it; and that I had a whole year to plan/save/prepare etc. Duh. Tell me something I don't know people!!! I had plans of taking a month or so off from running and then really training hard for this marathon ( u know the Boston one?!?). I have a lot of fast(er) friends and I hoped that their speediness would rub off on me this winter! Boston would have been my 3rd and most likely final marathon ever. It's not my favorite distance to train for or run, but wanted to go out with a bang. I was contemplating running really well there OR running with a camera and snapping pictures along the way--guess that does not matter much now ( boo sniff again.) Ok, I think I got most of it out of my system. Happy , happy, happy!

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