Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Monday~ I was pretty sore from the ride, but I think I did not feel as sore as normal. If that makes any sense. Half way through the ride I took a break and stretched and had some whey protein. They say that the protein will help with recovery. I'm not saying I felt super today, but I felt better then I felt after riding 40 miles. I did not do the protein then. So who knows. I might have to ride 60 miles next week and experiment again!
Spin was good. The first 10 minutes was not so fun. My legs were pretty stiff, but after the blood got flowing I was able to put in a good effort. Lots of steep hills today (what was I thinking!?!?!) It was actually an old workout. I made a few modifications and added more recoveries as well as a new play list and voila! A brand new class. Nobody knew--until I told them.

Totally Toned. I went in with few expectations from myself. Good thing too. After I performed 4-5 squats I knew it was best I not join in!
I know I keep saying it over and over, but I really need to find a yoga class. One that holds my attention and is also beneficial! I need that.

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