Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursday and Friday spins of course...and other stuff.

Thursday~ Spin again! I went early to warm up for a good 12 minutes before class started. I wish I could do this before I really seems to help me have a more productive ride!
Today was a Race Day too. It was a 6 mile loop around Central Park. Really fun!

Friday- Spin! I used the same class I taught on Wednesday, but changed the 12 minute flat road. I added some standing climb power climbs to the mix to change it up. I think it was a hit. I had about 20 peeps in class today again. I am loving the bigger classes now that the weather is cooler ( never mind that the high is 74 today!)
After spin I did a weird workout..don't even know if I can remember it all.

3 pull ups ( doing some everyday all week!)
plank to shoulder press (8)
lunges off step (8)
punches w. exertubes ( 8)

pull- ups (3)
TRX bands squats (8)
box jumps (8)
plank hold ( 20 sec)

I am trying to get back up to doing 5 pull ups...they are hard!
I went on the elliptical and did a 15 minute quick interval workout.
Easy walk on treadmill for 10 mins.

I was killing time. Heaven forbid I get home too early and mess up Amara's plan to pour her own cereal and milk! Such a big girl!!!

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