Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday----Metabolic Test.

Sunday~ Kind of a rest day for me...maybe closer to an active rest day.
I took a test today. 2 metabolic tests to be exact. In a nutshell I found out my true resting heart rate as well as my active metabolic performance training zones as it relates to my cycling.
I got all my correct heart rate zones and stuff. I can't wait to use my Zone 3 ( 154-167 bpm) during my race day spin tomorrow! ( I was on the bike for about 10 minutes with a horrible face mask on-- huffing and puffing away....)
I found out that when I am active that 80% of my calorie expenditure is through FAT! Woohoo!! And 20% is through carbs. Apparently this is really good news according to my tester. The test showed that I am very well conditioned and have a pretty decent aerobic base. I just need to maintain it. I received a boatload of information too. Even a training schedule of when to be in what Zone, for how long etc. Lots to learn!
I asked my tester (Ryan) if it was realistic for me to want to fit i weights on my own. He basically said that when I teach it does not count as my own workout! I actually knew this already, but it was nice ( or not!???! depends...) to hear it from a true expert!
Sooooo, my program calls for2 days of strength training. Tomorrow might be my first crack at this, with Ryan! He's pretty tough and I have never had a trainer before, so this might be fun. Oh, it will be. I hope it all works out and I am able make the appointment.
So, it was kind of an easy day exercise wise for me even though I worked hard for a short period of time.

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