Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday- huge bike miles and Monday-tired girl.

Sunday~ Big miles on the road bike today-- 40 to be exact! My furthest ride eva! It was fun. It was not fast by any means--well, it had moments of fastness, but not consistent. My friend Andi and I called it A Day to Explore! Oh, she also named the ride Trust Me--because we had no idea when to turn left or right or go straight! It was fun though. The weather was beautiful ( thank goodness). There were moments of too much wind, but nothing I could not handle I suppose. There were not many big hills. just one ginormous one that we happened to HAVE to go up, because we were on the shoulder of a kind of busy road. Not my kind of ride, but it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. The more practice I have in traffic, the better. I will always like the paved paths better though.

The map of the ride actually looks planned! But, I guess you can't see how many double-backs we actually did!

Monday~ My back and shoulders and legs were kind of mad at me (started last night actually), I felt really fatigued. Kind of like a truck hit me....or something.
Spin class today was just ok in my opinion. I am not sure if it was because of my fatigue. It took me forever to warm up and get the kinks out! I was still able to get with it and push myself and my class (I hope) to have a successful ride. I had new music and everything! The new Maroon 5 CD is the best. I "heart"Adam Levine. He is the only male I enjoy seeing in skinny jeans- he can pull them off (figuratively, not literally--well, unless he wants to) for some reason! Anyway, what was I talking about again!??!?!
Spin...intervals, heavy hills, fast runs, and a few sprints.
Totally Toned-- I sat this one out, but I am about to do the workout in a few minutes in my living room!
Today's theme was 60 second isometric holds!
plank + glute squeeze
lateral raise hold
side plank (r)
side plank (l)
ball wall sit
all for 1 minute.....

I then had the class then do 20 reps of the following(bonus):


bicep curls

step touches with exertubes

*the isometric holds were done for a total of 3 times and the bonus was done for 2 sets. My 3 participants loved to hate this one....mostly hate I think, but they did rather well!

I will give it a try minus the "bonus". It was a beneficial time filler for class! The isometrics workout should take me about 15 minutes, maybe more with kid duties!

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