Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday -intervals and NO Spinning ( I ran) ( what?!?!)

Tuesday~ Well on Monday night I did do the isometrics workout. It's no joke folks. It was a killer and it only took me 15 minutes (not including my 3 minute mini warm up). I did this while watching my recording of Desperate Housewives ( love this stupid show). SO I do recommend this workout especially if you are always crunched for time or need something different to challenge your body.

Ok so I made it to the gym on Tuesday. I did some pretty intense intervals on the elliptical. 2:1 ratio with a 4 minute warm up. 2 minutes hard and 1 minute to recover for 25 minutes.
I then moved to the treadmill with no plan in mind. I walked for about .25 miles and then I ran for a full mile. Woohoo. I think you know you officially miss running when it felt good to run on the treadmill ( in beautiful weather). I need to figure out how to get my butt in the great outdoors again and RUN. There are a few smaller 5ks and 10K's this fall that I am looking into doing--well 1 or 2 hopefully if they are close to home.

After cardio on Tuesday I had my New Moms class. They ( most) came ready to work. I had them complete 1 mile on the track and was happy to see that most of the group Incorporated bouts of running/jogging. We then hit the weights --walking lunges anyone?? ( 1 participant asked me if I hated them as we started set #2---ha. )
No spin for me today- I missed it a little, but it's good to change it up-right?!?! Yes, it is!


LaToya said...

Sounds amazing. I also watch stupid shows, bridezillas, so don't feel bad.


MarciaG said...

Ohh...I love Bridezillas; those ladies are CRAZY!