Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday and Friday spins of course...and hydration!

Thursday- My plan was to run 2-4 miles in my recovery zone in the morning and teach my 90 minute spin at night.
What actually went down was just teaching, which was fine by me! My daughter had a half day on Thursday and was actually dismissed a full hour sooner that I thought. That did not leave me enough time to get to the gym ( booo hooo).
My 90 minute high intensity spin was a lot of fun. Last week I guess I was just getting my feet wet. I actually stopped sweating last week whilst teaching...not good.
I learned my lesson this time. I was a sweating fool- sweatin' like a dude for the entire class. Whew and gross. It was a good session though so that is all that really matters.
After class ( it ends at 8:45 PM) I am too wired and hungry and awake to sleep. But I have to, since I have to get right back up at 4:15 AM to teach my 5:30 AM spin. Well, being hydrated helped me out again. Last Friday upon waking up I felt DRY and tired(exhausted is more like it). Today I just felt tired. Success!
Friday- Spin at 5:30 AM-strength intervals. Nice and deceptively difficult ( so I was told). I planned on hopping on the elliptical for 15 minutes, but that quickly turned into 35 after my buddy spotted me and we gabbed for a little too long. Ooops!
I went back to the gym with intentions of running 4 miles since my goal is to do 10 miles before Sunday! Well....I ran 2 and then walked about 15 minutes on the treadmill. My previous workouts caught up to me. But, I was still hydrated. Take that!
I have an idea in my head at this moment ( 11:10 PM) that I might run 6 miles tomorrow--outside! Stay tuned.....

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