Monday, November 1, 2010

Sun Salutations and I ran again.

My PC has a virus and I should not even be on it..but I am.

Sunday~ Yoga class for 45 while minutes!! YAY! Finally........ It was a Sun Salutations basically went like this:
down dog
forward fold
mountain pose
swan dive
repeat for 45 minutes!

She threw in a few shoulder stretches for good measure
this was freakin; hard! I am sure I have mentioned once or twice ( or a million times), how much I need to take yoga regularly?? Well, I do. I really, really hope to be able to add this in on Sunday (my "off" day from exercise).

Monday~ 5 am here I am. Ugh. I could not sleep, so why not head to the gym ( sounds like a problem to me). I am glad I got up though. I had 61 minutes to do for my HR training and I did it all on the treadmill. Almost 6 miles worth of intervals. My avg. HR was 157. It went well. I miss running. Officially.

After that I did a short and sweet weight circuit:
plank to shoulder press
bent over rows
front squats
biceps curls
( I almost puked after set 2, but could not stop..too many witnesses)

Core for 15 minutes straight
toe dips
plank hold( 30 seconds)
My abs were on fire. I know I was engaging all the right things and taking my time this morning...I hate working abs directly. That's probably why it burns so much cuz I don't do it enough. Lesson learned? Probably not.

Spin class was at 10 am-- intervals today. I think they went well. I need to start trying to teach off the bike. I do a lot of activity and find myself kind of fatigued all week. The only time I taught off the bike was when I was 8 months preggo and my belly touched the handle bars ( true story). I know I am still an effective instructor off the bike-I just need to get used to doing that again.
That's it.

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