Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Is it Friday yet??

NOPE!! I wish! Although my Friday and Saturday is still busy with teaching!
I am subbing A LOT this week. First up was today- 9- minute Extreme Intensity Spin. Woah! It was kind of fun. The best part was that I was able to train within my specific heart rate parameters. I felt as if I had a real goal in class. The bad part was that only people showed up! One did not have a HR monitor and the other one forgot his!! There was 1 extra and the guy that did not have one? I think he could have cared less! Oh well..... They seemed to have enjoyed the class. It was Loooong!

I also had my new mom's class today....I took it easy on myself and let the ladies loose in the gym. Well, they had some specifics and I supervised. We then moved it into the studio for core and ball work. No weights today, but you would have thought I was killing those gals! They are funny, but most of them worked really hard today and had lots of questions. I love questions-especially when I know the answer!

Cardio Sculpt was later. I was beat by the time this class started. Green tea does nothing for me in terms of a caffeine kick. Nope. I pulled it together and did a nice circuit style mash-up. It went something like this:

squat jumps R (8)
jabbing sequence
squat jumps L (8)
upper cuts
3 times total

Shoulder Press
Hammer curls
(lots of each!)

high low punches (r)
repeat (l)
3 times total

15Wood chop (ball)/side
Crunches on ball-15 slow

ski hops (r) 4
repeat (l)
1 Burpee ( set 3 = 6 burpees)
fast alt ski hops
3 times total

plank hold + alt punches (8)
Plank toe taps (8)
2 sets

hooks (r) 8
repeat l
jump rope sequence/ and jump jacks
3 times total

triceps kickbacks
side lunge + knee lift (lots)

I added more cardio, hamstring curls on the ball and roll ups... and then repeated all the abs again. Whew. Squat jumps always make me hurt immediately.

After class i had to go grocery shopping-- I am so glad I remembered to pack clean clothes to change into because I was a sweaty beast.

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