Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday- active recovery and pain (yoga), Monday Spin...

was able to get in about 40 minutes of cardio in my recovery zone on the elliptical. I did this while watching Kendra. Don't judge! The show cracks me up-she is CRAZY. After the elliptical I headed on over to Sun Salutations Yoga class....ugh. It was harder than last week ( which was hard, by the way). It was good though. I only took one break this week. I assume it's helping me-right?!?! This makes 3 weeks in a row that I have made this class. I am still hoping to keep it up.
My goal for running this week is 11 miles.

Monday- Spin at 10. I did a strength interval class today. Lots of flat roads with resistance, a few big hills (1) eight minute hill and 5 mins worth of sprinting today. Woah. It was good though. The class only had one empty bike today too! It's that time of year! The weather is turning colder -again.

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