Friday, November 5, 2010

Spinning and more spinning.....(sounds like a repeat post, but it's NOT)

Thursday part II-

Is it Saturday ( 8:46 am to be exact) yet??? That will be the last class i have to teach this week, and then I will be able to collapse from exhaustion.
90 minute class last night. I had all intentions of teaching off the bike again, BUT---- the bike has a new computer that shows mileage ( we rode 30.4 by the way), so if I got off my bike, the class would have no idea how far they rode!! That would be very unfair now wouldn't it?!?! Yes.
I had a guy i class that appears to be very fit, and he said he had never been so tired or hungry right after a class before. My work here is done. Ha.
Gotta go---off to teach! ( for reals!)

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