Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spinning and more spinning.....

Wednesday~ All I did today was teach 1 spin class! seems like a low-key day since I only did one thing. I needed it though-busy, active days ahead of me. It was a tough interval class that I planned on taking it easy in. I just can't hold back sometimes.
On my training schedule I had 2 hours of cardio. No tanks! I actually have plans to meet with my "trainer" next week to possibly modify my training schedule. I think I might have to cut it down to 3 or 4 training days---6 days on top of what I do for a living is kinda killing me. Even though this week is not the norm for me. So, until I meet with him I will not be adhering to my training. I don't feel like a quitter of failure either-- it was just not working for me.

Thursday- So far I have taught one Spin class today. Later this evening I will teach my 90 minute ride! It was fun on Tuesday, so I hope it's fun today as well.
This mornings class was packed-every bike (24) was occupied. I am so glad I planned a killer strength ride too. The class was very vocal during the climbs--lots of whopping and hollering this morning!
I am thinking about doing some yoga here at home......but I am so tired. I might just close my eyes for 30 minutes while Miles sits next to me watching " My favorite show", which is basically any kid show on TV!

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