Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday- I met my goal. Woohoo!

Saturday- Woohooo I ran. I actually ran over 2 miles and I did it outside. I made my goal of 10 miles this week- I actually ran 10.2 but who's counting? ( me, that's who). I tried to stay within my Zone 2 HR zone. The only this is this is my cycling heart rate zone, so I am guessing that will be different from my running zones. I was running very slowly, but honestly it felt comfortable and doable. I think if I ran much faster I would have gotten discouraged and might have not met my goal. Sad, but true. I know how my mind works!

It was a brisk day for sure. The weather was in the 40's which I usually enjoy, but I also am usually accustomed to running in it by now. Not so much these days. IT was my first time outdoors for a run (read: without my daughter ) in months. I wore long Nike dri-fit loose pants and a long sleeve technical top with my cotton gloves. I felt very comfortable with this ensemble. My hands, of course were freezing, but I knew that would happen.
I ran a 10:27 pace. I really hope I can keep it up and get my pace up, all the while sticking with this Heart Rate training stuff. It's very fascinating to me for some reason!

I hope to do a nice recovery workout for at least 45 minutes...I am shooting for 60 minutes, but not sure that will happen. I also plan on my yoga at 4 pm. If I make it, this will be the 3rd week in a row. It's a great way for me to (kind of) de-stress and get ready for an active week ahead!

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