Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Sunday~ Today I took my first Turbo Kick class. It was a lot of fun. It was a bit frantic from what I am used to, but I soon caught on and got swept up in the kickboxing frenzy! I figured I should try the class since I hope to become Turbo Kick certified next month.
I also lifted upper body before class. I am not sure if I became sore ( Monday) from this class or the weights or both! Love it though!
Monday~ I never made it to the gym for my early morning session. I decided to sleep in instead. The kids and I went to the gym after Miles' nap. I ended up doing 5 miles on the treadmill and lifting lower body. It was a very productive session- and the gym was practically empty. That's how I like it. I am not a social butterfly ( especially when I bring the kids) while I am the gym. I am there for a purpose--no time to waste..out of my way! I also taught 2 classes today.
Tuesday~ Today was my spinning class. It was pure strength all the way. Lots of hills. Lots of resistance. 5 minutes worth of sprints. Good stuff. I think the class loved it. I saw lots of new faces too, I sure hope they come back! I later taught 2 more classes.
Wednesday~ I almost skipped my early morning pilates class. I was up rather late with an annoying cough and got very little sleep. I still went though. I taught one class this afternoon. I decided to do my cardio later in the day. My daughter has a sports class at the gym, so I did my cardio before her class today. I ended up really pushing myself today. 15 minutes of( HARD) intervals on the step-mill. 15 minutes of ( HARD) intervals on the elliptical machine and finished it out with 10 minutes of steady state on the elliptical machine. Sometimes when I feel as strong as I did today, I think that I have not been giving it my all on previous workouts. Something for me to think about.....

What is TurboKick?
Turbo Kick® has many faces. No program could be as successful or as diverse as Turbo Kick® without the cumulative efforts of many talented and devoted individuals. We have assembled the best of two world’s; Group Exercise and Martial Arts. The varied background of these individuals is precisely why our program is considered to be the pinnacle of kickboxing programs by industry professionals.
Our experts in group exercise and physiology helped to create a program that is safe, follows current exercise guidelines and necessary modifications for group exercise. Our martial artists help keep the program real! Our team of martial artists all have experience teaching group exercise. They have developed movement patterns, combinations and techniques specific to the ancient sport of Muay Thai Boxing. This team has developed the ultimate cardiovascular challenge complete with a sport specific warm-up, bouts of intense intervals, easy to follow combinations, kickboxing specific strength/endurance training and a Tai-Chi like cool-down.

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