Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday -speed session

Today turned out to be better than I thought. It probably started because it was about 60 degrees when the speed session started. My hands were only mildly cold today!
The workout was 6-8 400 meters at 5k pace ( I had to guess...I have not run a competitive 5k in 5 years...the last one I ran while I was 5.5 months pregnant...10 minute miles I think) I was basically all over the place tonight. I was striving to hit 1:36 for every 400 meters. I did that once. The rest were anywhere from 1:24 and one was 1:18 I think. The good thing being I was not totally spent. I should mention we were to take a 3 minute break between runs. I plan on running a 5k race in 2 weeks so I hope that the next time we do a workout as this one I will have a better idea on what the heck I am doing!

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