Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday~ Today was a great day for a run! I actually left my gloves at home. I still needed them the first hour of the run, but I thought I would look silly amongst the runner's wearing tank tops and shorts! Today's plan was to bang out 16 easy miles and that mission was accomplished and then some! By the run;s end we almost did 17 miles. It was such a gorgeous day in West Michigan so I was glad to be able to FINALLY be able to enjoy the weather during a long run. I have no idea what my pace was and I don't really care. That is a big step for me! Just taking the time and not worrying about how fast/slow I ran and just enjoyed the moment, the company and conversation during the long trek. The race is 19 days away! So excited!
Sunday~ Today I taught Extreme Spin. I was not sure how well I would do personally since I wrecked my legs on Saturday with all the miles I ran. I was to teach a 90 minute interval class and it was to be intense as this was week 7 of an 8 week progressive class. I got caught up in the moment again and really pushed myself during class. My legs certainly will pay for it this week I am sure.

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